Which Social Posts Work Well For George Fitzgerald And Which Don’t?

George Fitzgerald

What can other DJs learn from the way George Fitzgerald uses social media and what should he be doing to boost his following?

English DJ George FitzGerald (the G in FitzGerald is mandatory) has over 94,000 fans on Facebook, over 81,000 followers on SoundCloud and almost 28,000 followers on Twitter. To put those figures in to perspective, FitzGerald joined Twitter December 2009, uploaded his first track to SoundCloud September 2009 and, strangely, left Facebook until last by joining the mammoth social media site in September 2010.

According to data from JustGo, FitzGerald saw a steady rise in new fans across all three social media/music streaming sites between April 26th 2014 and May 26th 2014.

Interestingly, the DJ posted only one track on SoundCloud during this time period and this appeared to have no effect on the DJ’s SoundCloud following. The Lazlo Dancehall release was posted on May 7th 2014; the rate at which the DJ attracted new followers on SoundCloud flatlined from April 30th 2014 through to May 25th.


However, the track was played over 26,000 times between the date it was posted (May 7th) and May 26th. The post received the most engagement of all the DJ’s Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud posts by a significant amount. Besides the amount of plays on SoundCloud, the track attracted almost 1500 likes on the music streaming site during this time period.

Not one of FitzGerald’s posts on Facebook or Twitter comes close to amassing as many likes, let alone engagement, as the Lazlo Dancehall release. This proves that whilst the track did not have any effect on the rate of getting new SoundCloud followers, it was the most engaging post and that little can compete with the DJ’s posts that feature new music.


The track might have been engaging but it did not appear to have any effect on FitzGerald’s other social media channels. The highpoint for the DJ’s Facebook engagement came over a week earlier. A picture-based post accompanied by text that read, “Back in the studio. Not long till this album’s done…” received the most likes of any Facebook posts between April 26th and May 26th.

Most Facebook posts made within this period tended to attract between 100 and 400 likes yet the aforementioned picture-based post garnered over 900. It was posted April 29th which according to Just Go data was the date FitzGerald received the most engagement on Facebook.


Sarcasm can often be misinterpreted when using social media. Especially when it is not blatantly signposted. This perhaps explains why there was a noticeable decrease in new Twitter followers on May 24th. The decrease followed a post made the previous day where FitzGerald tweeted “Back in Ibiza for IMS tonight.

Hopefully going B2B with this lad later” accompanied by the hashtag #oneofthebestdjsinrussia. The tweet also featured a link to FitzGerald’s Instagram account and showed a funny image of a DJ in what looked like an advert in a magazine that was declaring the DJ to be “One of the Best DJ’s In Russia”.

However, the dip in new followers may well be down to chance combined with the fact that FitzGerald attracts ten or twenty followers a day on Twitter – a day where he attracts no followers is only ten or twenty off what he would normally be getting.


Whereas FitzGerald’s Facebook and SoundCloud accounts attract thousands of new fans each month, the DJ’s Twitter account is less sought after. Between April 26th and May 26th, FitzGerald gained 535 new fans on Twitter. He gained 3,760 followers on Facebook and 2,892 followers on SoundCloud within this same period.


Anna Hill

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