Find Your Style: Why Techno House?

We’ve all heard of techno and house music. So what exactly is “tech house” and how can you tell when you’re listening to it?


What is Tech House?

Tech house, or techno house, is a sub-genre of house music that originated in Detroit, Chicago, and the UK in the ’90s. As the name suggests, it mixes elements of techno and house music to form a hybrid genre with a groove that is less distinguishable than that of funky house music or mechanical techno. Techno house blends deep or minimal techno music with soulful house elements to create a subdued, atmospheric sound that’s appreciated by listeners who have an ear for more introspective rhythms.

How is Techno House Different?

Tech house is a middle ground between the sometimes-overpowering beats of house and the more minimal beats of techno. Compared to house, tech house injects much-needed sophistication while retaining the personality of house along with the minimalist heritage of techno. The style sounds noticeably more “artificial” than straight house music, which generally contains elements of jazz as well as plenty of drums! The sound is popular because it is perfect club music, whether you feel like dancing or chilling.

Notable Contributors to the Tech House Genre:

Mr C, aka British DJ Richard West, is a leading proponent of tech house and the co-owner and co-founder of London club The End, the home of techno house in the UK in the ‘90s.

Layo & Bushwacka! Along with Mr C, Layo Paskin co-owned the nightclub The End. He teamed up with DJ Matthew Benjamin to form the dynamic duo known as Layo & Bushwacka!, resident DJs at The End.

Pete Tong, a veteran British DJ who is still one of the most active DJs out there and whose career has spanned three decades. It’s safe to say that Tong is a key figure in the electronic dance music and tech house genre.

Marco Carola, one of the founding fathers of techno, and two decades later he is still enjoying success in the genre. While there is some debate as to whether this Italian DJ fits in the techno house category, he is one of the founding fathers of electronic music and he has driven worldwide attention to genre.

Eddie Richards was a key figure of house music in the ‘80s and one of the most sought after DJs to play at the Camden Palace in London and other underground UK parties. Richards has played a key role in the genre’s movement and is hailed as one of the founders of the tech house genre.

Blake Baxter is a Detroit native who has used his musical genius to fuse classic dance music with Chicago house and Detroit style techno. Baxter began producing tech house tracks in the ‘80s, “before it was cool.”

Techno House Agencies

It may be easier for artists signed to independent record labels (or not signed at all) to find an independent agent to do their bookings. Independent agencies include: Bond Music Group, Windish Agency, and The Agency Group.

Larger booking agents and management houses include: Safehouse Management, NXT Management, and Prime Time Agency.

So, is tech house your preferred style or are there other things you’d rather be producing or listening to?

Cailyn Cox

Cailyn Cox is a 24-year-old freelance writer who used to love hardcore rock music, until she joined JustGo and discovered the vast umbrella covering the EDM scene.

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