Friend Marketing: Jonas Rathsman Helped Boost Lee Foss’ Social Following

JG-What Happened To Lee Foss’ Social On May 15On May 15, Lee Foss’ SoundCloud and Facebook experienced a sharp rise in followers. Why? We dig into his profiles to find the reasons and what he can learn for the future.

Within the past two years, Lee Foss has had a considerable influence on the techno and house scenes. The producer and DJ has captured the attention of the music publication, DJ Mag, who called him “one of the most talented new forces in modern dance music today.” His innovative sound blends influences as wide-ranging as 90s hip hop, techno, and electro.

He bolsters his popularity on social media, using a warm voice filled with humor and personality. This strategy works. He has about 205K likes on Facebook and around 43.9K followers on Twitter. While those numbers are high, they’re nothing compared to the influx of fans he experienced on May 15th.

Take a look at the graph below. That day, his YouTube and Facebook followers shot up – an increase he managed to sustain for the following days too.GraphHe can thank his onstage performance that night, where he played with Jonas Rathsman in Bucharest.

Because Lee Foss is from Chicago, he may not be as well-known in Europe, and therefore likely tapped into a larger, European fan base by playing this show. While he remained relatively silent on social media, he still saw an uptick, because fans, excited for the event, likely took to the web to show their appreciation.

They looked at videos, and upon liking what they heard, followed him on YouTube and Facebook. Plus, he piqued the interest of Rathsman’s fanbase, who, upon hearing his music, probably decided to check out his pages and like them for updates.

Foss, Take Notes

Unfortunately, he didn’t sustain this gain throughout the month. How can he change this? For future performances, Foss should remember to mention his social media accounts during the show and on promotional materials like flyers.

He should also do a bit of online marketing before and after the events. He can upload promotional materials days or months preceding the show or post images and videos on the days following. The cover photo provides a large space for just that, as do individual posts.

He can also share images and videos to YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to increase hype before the event and sustain it afterwards. Ideally, his online presence should fit in seamlessly to his real life, working together to increase his fans, ticket sales, and song views.

On Facebook, for example, there aren’t any posts on May 15th, and none take the time to mention his show in Bucharest. He did not tap into his large fanbase because he didn’t follow through. Compare his Facebook posts with Jonas Rathsman, his co-performer. Foss fails to mention the show until the day after, while Rathsman takes the time to build up hype for the performance.

Thus, it is likely that much of Foss’ new followers came from Rathsman’s.

Foss should remember to advertise his shows so his fans can have time to get excited and attendance can increase. Facebook provides an efficient way to connect with your audience in order to build publicity for performances and releases.

That’s why you should learn from Foss’ mistakes and utilize your fanbase as much as possible. Whether you post about new releases or new artwork, it doesn’t matter, just share.

How did He do on Other Networks?

In the above graph, it’s clear that, while his Facebook and YouTube performed well that day, it probably had more to do with the show itself rather than his activity online. That’s obvious when we look at the statistics for his other channels as well. His Twitter and SoundCloud remained relatively inactive that day with no significant jump. Again, he failed to mention his upcoming show. While he did take the time to promote a performance through a retweet, it was a different one entirely.

While Foss succeeds at showing off his personality online, he should advertise his shows and videos first and foremost. And while format of SoundCloud does not allow for frequent, daily updates, he can still post here to inform his fans on his activity. While he posts songs often, he could share tunes from actual events. That way, fans who attended the events will likely listen, like his page, and in the long run, buy more tickets to his shows.

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