What Happened to Chris Liebing’s Facebook Followers in April?

Chris Liebing

On April 6, Chris Liebing’s followers on Facebook and other networks took a sharp increase – we look into what helped him to gain these followers and what it says about social media management.

Chris Liebing is a producer, DJ, radio host and certified EDM polymath and has an enviable social presence. He has 586,985 Facebook likes and 79,100 Twitter followers, alongside nearly 85,000 followers on the producer-favoured Soundcloud, with 17,754 people following on Instagram. On April 6, Liebing’s follower count shot up on a number of his social networks, hopefully we will be able to work out what happened and how you can learn from it.

New likes on Facebook

Liebing gained more than 200 new likes during this one day, a rate which continued for several days afterwards. Liebing is not a lazy Facebook user, giving his fans a lot in return for their ‘like’.

It is probable that the April 6 follower-surge was related to his performance at Time Warp. Before the event, rather than just posting an update with a link to get tickets, Liebing updated his page’s header with a great-looking promotional image. He did so with new banners on April 4 and 5 – each of which gained hundreds of likes.

By doing so, it seems that he was able to sustain a buzz before and after his performance, using it to direct users from in and around Facebook to like his page.

On April 6, Mixing.dj, a popular electronic music site that publishes new mixes and live sets, published a video of Liebing’s Time Warp performance. This video gained 972 Facebook shares, definitely contributing to the social interest and new likes.

Moreover, the Mixing.dj audience is guaranteed to be interested in Leibing’s style, meaning that those likes are probably in for the long haul. Being involved with this sort of site means that the live performance does not boost his publicity just for that couple of hours, but for as long as people continue to enjoy it online.

Instagram boost

The pictures that DJs and promoters take during performances embody some of the excitement of the sets themselves, and are an excellent way to include fans on social media who could not make it to your performance. On April 6, Leibing posted two phenomenal pictures from Time Warp on his Instagram, the one below gained 1,412 likes. With images like this, it is clear why he gained nearly 100 new followers.

Twitter and SoundCloud

Liebing packs some Twitter clout, while gaining nearly 100 followers on April 6. However, his Tweets did not get a response on the same level as his Facebook or Instagram. This tweet, in which he celebrated a great performance at Time Warp, gained 8 re-tweets, which is not to be scoffed at for people who are new to their craft, but is very little compared to his Instagram post for the same day.

As such, it is likely that the general level of excitement around his performance boosted his followers, rather than specific social activity. He posted picture from his set, but it was does not display automatically in his feed. Currently, the main reason for this would be that it is too small (less than 900 by 900 pixels), in which case it will appear as a link.

Images, making them big, pretty and visible is and will be a necessary part of managing Twitter, especially due to their new design. Tweets with large, eye-catching images are simply more interesting and clickable.

Liebing has not posted on his SoundCloud in a year, as such, it is almost certain that the tens of new followers that he gained on April 6 heard about him via general publicity or his other networks. Keeping the plethora of networks updated can be a significant effort for a busy DJ, but, given that Liebing has almost 85,000 followers on SoundCloud, even infrequent but regular posts should produce significant results.

Chris Liebing matches his musical astuteness with something similar for his social media, maximising his impact over multiple platforms – in and outside social networks – to capitalise on the buzz after a big set. However, it does not make sense to leave networks dormant, especially with so many followers who are interested in sharing your message and hearing new material.

Meanwhile, Liebing’s follower boost suggests that good things come to those who share great photos, but that it could have been bigger if his photography stared back at you from his Twitter feed.

Oliver Cox

Oliver Meredith Cox is a freelance writer from Liverpool, UK. He focusses on music, politics, sci/tech, and business, among other topics. In his spare time he makes music of his own in an electronic and rock style, which can be found on his Soundcloud page.