What Dubfire Can Do To Get More Twitter and YouTube Followers


How does Dubfire use social media? We have a look at his social accounts and see what he does well and what could be improved

Dubfire, the techno DJ, producer and owner of label SCI-TEC is renowned for his versatile style. He was formerly part of Deep Dish, a duo which created many dance classics and won a Grammy and other international awards. We take a look at his online interaction with fans and how it gets the following he has.

His online presence includes a following of 541,815 on Facebook, 165,844 on Twitter and 46,506 on Soundcloud.

Facebook Is Working Well

Dubfire’s strong point is currently Facebook. The number of Facebook followers makes up over 70 per cent of his total following across the four main social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube). Furthermore, over a month, most of his activity has been on Facebook and he wrote at least one post a day.

His Facebook activity includes status updates that share with fans where he is or what gig he has done or is about to do. The posts stating his arrival at different places have shown to be effective in connecting with fans, especially when a photo is attached like the post below. This post was the top performing content in one month with nearly 3000 people engaging with the post.

Dubfire’s posts are often photos with tags of venues and/or people of where he has played or is going to play. The posts often show appreciation to fans for their support and directed at those who attended an event he has just done. He does well to ensure photos like the post below from his Instagram account also feature on his Facebook account too, so that the posts reach as many people as possible.

This post had over 800 people like, comment and share it. Clearly fans like to connect to DJs promoting an event.

He also posts photo albums of the event he just did while tagging the event venue as demonstrated in the post below.

There were over a thousand people who interacted with the post, showing this is also good way to increase interaction with fans and get more people on his page. He doesn’t just post photos promoting his music, but photos like this post below, which fans seem to liken towards as is evident with over 700 people interacting with the post

There was a general increase in new followers across Facebook, Twitter and soundcloud around 17-19 May. On 17th and 18th May, Dubfire had variety of regular (more than usual) activity, including status updates, posting of event information, information about a new app and a post of a Beatport link. Thus this shows that sometimes a sudden increase in activity (and a variety too) over a couple days worked well to increase his overall following.

Posting alternative types of media to photos like videos,covering interviews or an event, has shown to work well. This post below generated over 1600 interactions with fans ( likes, comments and shares).

Soundcloud Activity

Dubfire’s soundcloud account following has around 6% of the total following. Although this is low compared to Facebook, it does have potential to grow its presence. Over one month it gained an 8.3% increase in new followers- the largest increase out of the four sites – while Facebook’s increase was only 0.9%.

Although Dubfire is more active on Facebook, there was one post in Soundcloud over a month, which grabbed the attention of 15 000 Soundcloud users. This is significant engagement and it resulted in an increase in overall new Soundcloud plays around that time as well as a slight increase in new Soundcloud followers. This shows that there is room for Dubfire to use Soundcloud more to interact with his existing and potential fans.

Twitter and YouTube Could Be Better

Twitter has the second largest following – 22 per cent of the total following. Dubfire is less active on Twitter compared to Facebook although not far behind.

He often retweets his fans’ posts about him, which is good in recognising fans and keeping loyal to his fans. He also has complemented other DJs performances; this is a good networking tool. He can do this more often to get other DJs talking about him and sharing his music. Though, often the same posts on Facebook feature on Twitter and vice versa. He could take more time in creating unique and more interesting Twitter posts.

Dubfire’s YouTube has the least amount of followers and much less compared to the rest (0.3 per cent of his total following). Over one month, the account did not have any new YouTube plays for over a week. When the Soundcloud post was made, there was an increase in new followers on YouTube. Thus by posting more frequently on Soundcloud it can also grow his following on YouTube.

Dubfire does well on Facebook to interact with his fans. Although he still has a reasonable amount of twitter followers, the number of new twitter followers goes up and down day to day over a month’s period. He could definitely do more to secure more followers and tweet interactions. Soundcloud and Youtube is another platform where fans want him to be more active.

Courtney Healey

Courtney is a freelance writer living in Cape Town, South Africa. She enjoys drum and bass and deep house music. Cape Town has a prevalent electronic music scene with local and international EDM DJs playing regularly at bars and clubs around the city. The frequent deep house and trance music festivals have given her further exposure to different types of EDM. She enjoys learning and writing about new ways DJs can connect and share with their fans online.