What Are Butch’s Weak Spots on the Web?


Does DJ Butch use social media to his advantage? We take a look at his social accounts to see what could be improved to get more followers

Bülent Gürler, also known as Butch, has several years of industry experience that started at 12 when he received his first record player and some hand-me-down vinyl. As he’s grown up, his music has evolved with him. He has carved catchy beats and cultivated a polished style that transcends genre and entertains at-home listeners and festival-goers alike. Unfortunately, the fluidity and ease in which he navigates the music world does not transcend to his social media presence.

Butch Shines on Facebook

His strengths lie in his Facebook. In the graph above, his follower increases on Facebook are represented in dark blue. Here, we can see that he enjoys a fairly large number of interactions. He has more than 126,000 fans and enjoys a high number of interactions on a day-to-day basis. This comes from the content of his posts and his frequent, daily updates. He typically shares images of himself in the studio, new tracks, and promotions for upcoming shows. This content keeps his fanbase engaged while also conveying important information about his music. This method not only increases hype for his concerts and songs, but also raises loyalty for his brand.


His best days were on April 19, April 28, and May 10. The success of these posts bled into the days following, ensuring that he sustained a steady increase in new fans and interactions days after the posts went up. They garnered double and, in some cases, quadruple, the amount of interactions Butch normally experiences. This incredible uptick has nothing to do with music. For each post, he showed off his personality using various types of media. This helped him connect to his fans on a personal level and encouraged them to like, share, and comment.

On April 19, he posted a cheeky picture depicting the evolution of DJs from 1993 to 2013. The caption built upon the image, reading “2014 penis shaped USB-Stick.”He received more than 1,000 likes, nearly 200 shares, and a slew of comments. While he kept it tangentially related to music, he also displayed his personality for the Facebook world to see. Butch stepped away from business for a second, and fans appreciated the chance to get a peek into his life. Moreover, images are inherently shareable. Fans can easily pass them on to friends and family, which facilitates more interactions.


On May 10, he followed a similar format. He posted a picture about the predominance of DJs in the year 2013 along with the simple caption, “Me too.” This got him even more interactions – 2,195 likes, 581 shares, and 85 comments. Noticing a pattern here? Butch’s top posts appear to be the ones that combine humour and his passion, DJ-ing. These light-hearted images work because they connect with the fan, who usually sees Butch above them, on a stage, backlit by neon lights. These playful updates bring Butch down to the fan’s level, making him relatable and likeable. Unfortunately, he does not utilise this format too often, and it shows. If he posted more graphic, humorous content, his interactions would likely skyrocket.


His update on April 28 proved popular for a different reason. All he did was change his cover photo to a close-up of him at his turntable. Similar to the above statuses, this one works because it uses a photograph. Graphic updates catch the attention of your followers and raise the aesthetic value of your page as a whole. Butch’s cover photo in particular snags his audience’s attention because it shows off both his personality and his music. The large number of interactions points to the high level of appreciation for Butch as a performer and a person. Content like this not only strengthens fan-appreciation for your brand but raises awareness for upcoming concerts or future album release dates.

His SoundCloud Presence Works Well

Although he posts less frequently on SoundCloud than on Facebook, he still shares new music quite often and will cross-post songs to Facebook too. He uses a verified account, so his 18,452 fans know the page is legitimate. On the top of his Facebook wall, he has even pinned a link to his SoundCloud page. These strategies extend the reach of both the platform and his music, leading to more followers and a wider audience.

In order to take his page to the next level though, Butch should consider more frequent updates. From the JustGo Music data, we can see that after he posts new songs, his number of followers shoots up. But when he remains inactive, it plummets. He posted a track on April 28 and shared it to his Facebook. That day proved to be his most popular; he gained tons of new followers and lots of plays. But as time past, Butch didn’t post any new content, and the interactions dwindled. To fully capitalize on SoundCloud, he should share new songs or playlists often. This way, his fans will continue to visit the page, increasing the hype around his music.

On Twitter, He Falters

Butch’s Twitter lacks some panache too. Because he doesn’t go the extra mile, he doesn’t garner the interactions he gets on Facebook. He has around 2,681 followers and according to the JustGo Music data, he rarely gains more than 5 new followers a day. In the thirty day period, from April 13 to May 12, he did not experienced any big gains. This can be blamed on his lack of engagement. He rarely asks questions or posts images that can connect with his audience. He hasn’t even verified his account.

Butch could do with some creativity. Much of his tweets come from his Facebook. While this may save some time, it lacks originality. He should try retweeting his fans. By creating conversations and showing that he’s active, he’ll increase loyalty for his brand and ensure a bigger crowd at his shows and more ears on his music. He can also use the platform as a networking tool. If he retweets his colleagues and shares their music, they are likely to return the favour. Then, he can piggyback off of their success to gain more followers.

Nandita Raghuram

Nandita Raghuram is a writer, book-enthusiast, and social-media ace. She joined the JustGo blogging team because her love for music is boundless. She's currently on a quest to discover how 140-character sentences (or less) have altered music today.