How to upload an MP3 to YouTube, Soundcloud & Mixcloud in one shot

Using JustGo Music’s Upload tool, you can upload MP3s to YouTube, Soundcloud & Mixcloud in one shot! The Upload tool is the fastest and simplest solution for DJs, producers and musicians to get their music on YouTube, Soundcloud & Mixcloud.

Here’s how it works.

1. Once you’ve signed up to JustGo Music, access your artist dashboard. Click +UPLOAD MUSIC.

2. Click UPLOAD MP3 which will then open a file browser on your computer, so you can select which audio file to upload. Once selected, your MP3 file will begin uploading to JustGo Music immediately.

3. Give your MP3 a title and a description.

4. Upload an image for your file. This image will be used as the static frame for your video on YouTube, so we recommend uploading a 1920 x 1080 sized image as that will create a full HD video on YouTube! That means your artwork will look beautiful and crisp on YouTube.

5. Add a genre for your MP3 music file, and finally add some tags. Click NEXT.

6. Select which channel you wish to upload your MP3 file to. You can choose to upload to just one channel, or YouTube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud at the same time.

7. Finally click PUBLISH. Your MP3 file will go live on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and YouTube as soon as those sites have finished processing the file on their end (usually just a couple of minutes!). Now how easy was that?

Terry Church

Terry Church is co-founder of JustGo Music, a social media management platform that helps musicians grow their fanbase. Terry has done social media comms for some of the biggest names in dance music including David Guetta, Dubfire, Eric Prydz and Luciano. He is the former Editor of Beatport and a former DJ Magazine editor.




  1. terry says

    Hi Kevin,

    Do you have a PRO account on JustGo Music? This functionality is only available for artists – fans don’t get access to the tools.

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