Interview With Nicky Romero’s Manager, Sander Landsaat

protocolFor every prosperous artist out there, you’ll often find an accompanying group of competent team members who have worked equally as hard to ensure the success of everyone involved. Sander Landsaat, manager to Nicky Romero, currently one the top-tier DJs of the EDM scene, has played a central role as a part of such a team. [Read more…]

DJs, Producers and Labels: Build a Social Brand


When I buy records (yes I still buy and love them), especially when digging through second hand shops where a lot of the time I have no idea what an old record might sound like, other than by reading the (sometimes not so) helpful buyer notes that may be stuck to the front, the artwork heavily influences my buying decision. I have a simple rule – if I like the artwork I’ll give it a listen. And if there are no listening pods, hey, as longs it within a decent price range – I’ll buy it. More often than not if I like the artwork I’ll like the music.

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