How Claude VonStroke Encodes Fan Engagement To Specific Audiences

Keisuke Shingu/Flickr

Keisuke Shingu/Flickr

Claude VonStroke is not just a great American house DJ and producer, he is also skilled when it comes to social media. VonStroke has gained a legion of loyal fans through interesting Instagram pictures and personal updates on Facebook and Twitter. His trick is to be natural yet tactfully divisive, so that specific groups of fans, from recent events or similar lifestyles, respond. [Read more…]

How Can DJs Use Content Marketing to Gain Fans?

The basic idea behind content marketing is to create useful, entertaining and original information and then use your social media networks to share it and attract fans that you may otherwise have never reached. One of the most appealing aspects of this method for DJs is the fact that this content can cost little to nothing to create and promote – to an extent. The fact is that you have to know what will appeal to people. Simply writing nonsense and sharing it will not attract anyone and likely help you lose any current fans that you may have acquired. [Read more…]

Wax On, Wax Off Guide to Starting from Scratch on Twitter

At August’s Konnekt, JustGoMusic’s regular meetup (and hangout), I chatted to a fellow meetup member known on the circuit as DJ ReMeDee about how to start building a fan base online.

Like anyone just starting out, our intrepid meetup member has all the relevant social accounts, but is at a loss as to how one should start engaging people outside his regular social circles on social networks. The questions that arose were along the lines of, “What do you tweet about on Twitter?” and “What am I meant to be doing with social media?”
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Data Scientists Show Music Makes Video More Shareable

While there’s no magic formula for what makes a video shareable, it turns out there is an emerging science. The stakes are high for bringing order to this subjective realm: on today’s social web, sharable content is king, and videos represent the ultimate in user friendliness. So motivated, the data crunchers at Unruly Media released the first quantitative research on what makes viewers likely to share videos.

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How one Afrojack video generated 45,455 interactions on Facebook

We analysed Dutch DJ Afrojack‘s latest video content campaign – March of the Afrojack – to see if we could spot any reproducible strategy or marketing nuances.

The rising star, who currently has 2.6m fans on Facebook has had a phenomenal year of growth so far. In part, his meteoric rise has been fuelled by a smart social media strategy. His latest campaign is a prime example of the way Afrojack is using content distributed on social media to drive his growth.

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