How Could Twitter’s Rumoured Ecommerce Solution Affect The Purchase of Music

There’s a rumour going around that Twitter is going to introduce an e-commerce solution to its package, enabling users to buy products directly from its feed. Using social media to generate revenue through retail is not a new idea, but combining Twitter’s real-time power with e-commerce could change things, especially in the music industry, where online sales have taken over and social media remains prevalent.
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Baboom: Is Kim Dotcom’s New Venture Set To Explode?

Kimothy Dotcom
Baboom looks to lure users away from both Spotify and iTunes by providing a service that combines and hybridises the two, with a bias towards Spotify’s streaming and discovery features. Set up by entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, of Megaupload infamy, it looks to be another potentially successful venture. Its soft launch earlier this month gave users an insight into how it will operate when launched later in 2014.
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How To Be An Artist And A Fan On Bandcamp

Since 2008, Bandcamp has catered to both musicians and fans alike. In those last five years, artists have made over $54 million through Bandcamp sales. The site’s platform allows for seamless transparency and communication between artists and fans: through artist microsites, various links and modes to contact musicians, and Bandcamp’s flexible, artist-set buying model for uploaded albums and tracks. [Read more…]

How to Get Your Track Featured on iTunes

Want to get onto the featured section on iTunes? Follow the advice below to increase your chances and boost sales

Getting your release featured by an online music retailer is one of the best ways to increase visibility because users will see your work as soon as they hit the homepage, thus boosting sales.
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Why Deezer is the Music Streaming Service to Watch

When we think of music streaming services, one name instantly springs to mind: Spotify. The pioneering platform changed the way that internet users listened to music forever. At first the Swedish firm allowed its users to stream millions of tracks for free before monetising their model, with the result of the company being worth close to $5.3 billion today.
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How Bandzoogle Are Changing Digital Music Sales

The way the music industry distributes music to fans is continually changing. From 8-tracks, to records to tapes and CDs, now fans can simply go online and download the music they love for a fraction of the cost of going and purchasing the music at a mass retail location. The question that emerges is, “Is this a good move for the music industry?”
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Quick Start Guide to Bandcamp

What is Bandcamp?
Bandcamp is, in a nutshell, a music store for everyone. It allows, musicians, artists and songwriters to create their own bespoke pages – microsites (very much like having your own Tumblr or WordPress page), that they can use to sell their music (or give it away for free). It also lets you sell merchandise if they have any. You can stream your work there too.
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