Do We Need Another Radio Service? The Launch Of Hardwell Radio

Hardwell’s new radio service promises a lot but can it deliver where other radio services haven’t?

Fans of Dutch DJ Hardwell will be pleased to learn that he has just launched his new radio website. There is a reason Robbert van de Corput, better known as Hardwell, has been crowned as the No.1 DJ in the world and this reason is not only down to his infectious beats that have won over most dance music fans, but also his innovative ideas.
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Why Deezer is the Music Streaming Service to Watch

When we think of music streaming services, one name instantly springs to mind: Spotify. The pioneering platform changed the way that internet users listened to music forever. At first the Swedish firm allowed its users to stream millions of tracks for free before monetising their model, with the result of the company being worth close to $5.3 billion today.
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