Interview With Nicky Romero’s Manager, Sander Landsaat

protocolFor every prosperous artist out there, you’ll often find an accompanying group of competent team members who have worked equally as hard to ensure the success of everyone involved. Sander Landsaat, manager to Nicky Romero, currently one the top-tier DJs of the EDM scene, has played a central role as a part of such a team. [Read more…]

The 8 most useful JustGo Music features for building your fanbase

JustGo Music has come a long way since its launch. We have listened to the needs of our users, added lots of new features, and have polished up the existing ones. The dashboard is now, we hope, a powerful cockpit for any musician or music brand who wants to steer their career towards a glorious horizon.

To help you get the most out of JustGo Music, we have rounded-up 9 of the most useful features on the dashboard.

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How bedroom DJ ‘Mr. Aker’ got 550 plays on SoundCloud in 24 hours

A few JustGo Music users have complained that our blog tends to focus on success stories from superstar DJs and global music brands, and not enough on insightful stories from struggling artists.

Indeed one user David McCoy, pointed out on one of our recent blog posts: “That’s great marketing, but only for a well known worldwide brand. I don’t think it would generate much exposure for new start-up labels like mine.”

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