Interview WIth Tiesto’s Manager, Andrew Goldstone

andrew goldstoneTiesto” is a name that requires little introduction, as he’s been occupying the upper-tier of DJ personalities for over a decade. Given that this position of his has remained as solid as ever, even into 2015, we were excited to get the chance to speak with his manager, Andrew Goldstone. [Read more…]

Interview With Nicky Romero’s Manager, Sander Landsaat

protocolFor every prosperous artist out there, you’ll often find an accompanying group of competent team members who have worked equally as hard to ensure the success of everyone involved. Sander Landsaat, manager to Nicky Romero, currently one the top-tier DJs of the EDM scene, has played a central role as a part of such a team. [Read more…]

Interview With Hardwell’s Manager, Anna Knaup

annaAs many in the dance music scene will know, Hardwell has come in at the #1 spot of the DJ Mag Top 100 for 2 years straight, and is occupying the upper-tier of EDM personalities at the moment. To get some insight into what goes on in his camp, we reached out to his manager, Anna Knaup, for an interview. [Read more…]

Is OpenAura Just Pinterest for DJs?

OpenAura – a new service launched last month- gives artists control of their online identity and allows them to earn money at the same time. It provides music apps and services with dynamic and original, curated content that can then be distributed to the fans. We take a look at how OpenAura works and what it means for DJs.


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How To Get Record Shops On Board — An Interview with Pie & Vinyl

Pie and Vinyl

Call me a stuck in the past old goat if you want to but there’s nothing I like more than spending time in a decent record shop. During my latest trip to Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl, where music meets food in glorious fashion, I had a long chat with co-owner Steve Courtnell because there’s no one who knows more about this racket of ours than the man who sells the wax – and not having to do too much talking myself meant I also had time to enjoy a tasty bit of pastry.

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Climb Up to the Top of the Musical Family Tree

The past couple of years has seen dance music looking back the old ‘skool’ with a new, sexy makeover. The last 12 moths has been a very prominent year for artists such as Rudimental, Disclosure and Sub Focus that have stripped back their music resulting in fresh Drum and Bass and Garage, with live shows that blow your mind and send you to the stars.
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