How to Get Your Music on the Radar of Influential Blogs

Blogs may be more DIY than official online magazines, DJ charts, or radio, but they are no less influential. Blogs are a great jump off point for press campaigns, so developing a direct dialogue with these tastemakers is a vital step to getting the grassroots support that your music deserves.

Get Your Music On Blogs' Radar

It may be tempting to delegate the hard work and opt for the professional PR route, but even once you’ve shelled out for the service, there are no guarantees that your music will stand out amongst the rest. There are several things that you can do, however, to make an impression with bloggers and their readers, that won’t cost you a penny.

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Beginner’s Guide to Licensing & Synchronisation

The world of music – both popular and classical, it doesn’t make a lot of difference anymore – is a lot different now to what it once was. The balance of power, of earning power between the mechanical and the performing sides has shifted hugely over the past decade.

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How To Get Your Music Signed By Top Record Labels

In a musician’s career there are few milestones more important than that first shiny release on a top record label. Despite the demise of vinyl and CDs and the ease with which artists can launch their own digital label these days, most aspiring producers still dream of seeing their name etched on a 12-inch record from a respectable imprint. It is a badge of honour: a sign of legitimacy and relevance in an industry still very much driven by prestige.

But how do you get your music signed by a top record label in 2013? The bad news is, due to the proliferation of music making software and cheap technology, there is now an over-abundance of producers out there that you are competing with. Everyone wants to be a DJ today, and because of that, the market is incredibly over saturated.

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