How Claude VonStroke Encodes Fan Engagement To Specific Audiences

Keisuke Shingu/Flickr

Keisuke Shingu/Flickr

Claude VonStroke is not just a great American house DJ and producer, he is also skilled when it comes to social media. VonStroke has gained a legion of loyal fans through interesting Instagram pictures and personal updates on Facebook and Twitter. His trick is to be natural yet tactfully divisive, so that specific groups of fans, from recent events or similar lifestyles, respond. [Read more…]

Social Profile: Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn has over 300,000 followers on Facebook but which posts tend to receive the most attention and help grow his online fanbase? How do his tracks on SoundCloud affect his other social media channels?
Deadline: Thursday 29th May

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How Dusky Uses Facebook and Soundcloud To Engage Its Fans


How does Dusky use social media? What posts work, what don’t and what should they do more of to gain more followers?

Dusky comprises London-born Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman and in addition to DJing and being played by the biggest names in dance including Pete Tong, Vincenzo, Zane Lowe, MJ Cole, Dubfire and Sasha, they’re also producers.

According to online music magazine Resident Advisor, Dusky ‘quickly became the toast of the UK underground in 2012’ and their social media certainly keeps their huge fan base engaged.

One of the problems with buzzed-about acts finding success in a short period of time is the fickleness of the fans they can attract. Within a year, the fanbase can dwindle and the people who once waxed lyrical about said artist have moved on to the next new thing.

What does this mean for artists such as Dusky when it comes to social media? Without the right guidance, any decline in interest can be difficult to spot through social media and hyped acts can fall flat on their face.

For one thing, people will not necessarily un-follow an artist the moment they realise they are no longer interested in them; they might never bother un-following them at all.

Dusky does not appear to be a victim of the hype machine and the duo’s social media channels reflect that its fans are less swayed by the usual posts you expect to find on artists’ social feeds – funny pictures, witty quotes – compared to posts containing their music. To be glib, they seem to be the type of fans most “serious” musicians want as fans.

The difference between the number of followers on SoundCloud and the amount of followers on Facebook illustrates this. Whereas Avicii has roughly 14 times the amount of Facebook fans as he does SoundCloud followers, Dusky has a similar amount of followers on each site. At time of writing, Dusky has almost 110,000 fans on SoundCloud and just over 125,000 followers on Facebook.

Dusky JustGo data

JustGo data shows the Facebook post that received the most engagement between April 12th 2014 and May 12th 2014 was a screenshot of upcoming music on Logic Pro. This makes a change from artists who receive the most engagement when they post a picture of a grumpy-looking cat over anything vaguely music-related. The post received almost 1700 likes within several days.

Whilst most of the house duo’s posts get between 100 – 1000 likes, the post that attracted a significantly large amount of likes simply read “Rewind one year back…” and featured a link to a Dusky EP on SoundCloud. The post received over 2000 likes within a month and reflects how Dusky fans seem to respond more to the duo’s music than anything else.

Data from JustGo suggests that whilst Dusky’s rate of gaining new Facebook followers is on the up, there appears to be little correlation between the days Dusky receives most engagement with fans on Facebook and the days that Dusky gains the most new followers. Whatever is driving people to become new followers of Dusky on Facebook, it does not seem to be the artist’s Facebook itself.

A lowpoint for Facebook engagement around May 5th and May 6th proved to coincide with the dates Dusky attracted the largest number of new followers.

Dusky facebook followers Dusky facebook engagement

Dusky tweets on a very regular basis, more so than on their Facebook, and they are refreshingly outspoken. Content posted on Twitter differs from what is posted on Facebook and tends to be a little less safe; in a sea of media-coached artists not wanting to put a toe out of line, the likes of Dusky and Azaelia Banks are welcome. See the tweets below that read “Coldplay & Avicii lolz” and “Logic 9 on Mavericks is a complete joke”.

The duo has over 45,000 followers on Twitter and the rate at which they gain new followers on the site was relatively steady between April 12th 2014 and May 12th 2014, according to data from JustGo.

Dusky twitter followers

The dip around May 4th coincides with the short period no tweets were made by the duo. However, the highpoint on the chart that you can see below does not support the theory that the more tweets made, the more new followers gained as Dusky did not tweet between April 19th and April 25th.