How To Be An Artist And A Fan On Bandcamp

Since 2008, Bandcamp has catered to both musicians and fans alike. In those last five years, artists have made over $54 million through Bandcamp sales. The site’s platform allows for seamless transparency and communication between artists and fans: through artist microsites, various links and modes to contact musicians, and Bandcamp’s flexible, artist-set buying model for uploaded albums and tracks. [Read more…]

How To Optimise Your YouTube Videos To Gain Fans

There is so much content uploaded to YouTube that simply getting yours amongst it isn’t going to get you any more than a few views. There is a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes in order to get your masterpieces the publicity they deserve. The people who want to see your videos need help finding them, and they will reward you for doing so by sharing your content.
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Music Production Tips for Beginners

So you’ve decided to make the jump into production, but where do you start? The sheer volume of software, hardware, sequencers, plug ins and platforms that are available can be truly overwhelming to the un-initiated when it comes to making music.
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Getting Started with SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a music-based social networking platform that connects music to listeners and artists to their fans.

Like Facebook, it relies on newsfeeds, but the stream contains tracks rather than pictures or statuses about how horrible someone’s day was. Just like Twitter you can follow different users and once you follow someone their music will appear in your newsfeed.

Thinking of using SoundCloud to spread your music? Here’s how to set up an account and start networking.
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Introduction to Copyright on SoundCloud

In the previous part to this discussion, I gave a basic introduction to copyright. It was not totally needed in just the context of SoundCloud, but I feel that a good introductory understanding of copyright is pretty important for songwriters and producers. Know where you stand, know what you can and cannot use. At the very least you have a grounding of knowledge when it comes to dealing with Record and Publishing companies.
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