How Using Hashtags Can Improve User Engagement

The power of the hashtag – the misuse of the hashtag, what are you using it for? There are far too many people that hashtag random words for purposes unknown; however, when used properly the little hashtag can return huge results. The fact is that the hashtag does not get enough credit. They can provide you with a powerful marketing and communication tool to drive engagement. Almost every used social network has implemented the use of a hashtag system in the past few years and they can provide an ideal way to break through all the clatter on the Internet to help reach a larger audience. The hashtag can be used by virtually every industry, including the music industry. If you are an artist or musician of any type, leveraging the power of the hashtag can definitely work in your favor. Some ways that you can do this are highlighted here.
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DJs, Producers and Labels: Build a Social Brand


When I buy records (yes I still buy and love them), especially when digging through second hand shops where a lot of the time I have no idea what an old record might sound like, other than by reading the (sometimes not so) helpful buyer notes that may be stuck to the front, the artwork heavily influences my buying decision. I have a simple rule – if I like the artwork I’ll give it a listen. And if there are no listening pods, hey, as longs it within a decent price range – I’ll buy it. More often than not if I like the artwork I’ll like the music.

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Basic brand management for DJs, producers and record labels


What do Apple, McDonald’s, Skrillex, Richie Hawtin and Swedish House Mafia all have in common? They are all brands.

If you want to succeed as a DJ, producer or record label today, you too need to be a brand even if all you care about is making or releasing the occasional dancefloor bomb.

But what is a brand exactly? And how do you create one? Why should you care?

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