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Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn has over 300,000 followers on Facebook but which posts tend to receive the most attention and help grow his online fanbase? How do his tracks on SoundCloud affect his other social media channels?
Deadline: Thursday 29th May

Joris Voorn has over 300,000 fans on Facebook, almost 100,000 followers on Twitter and just over 1200 fans on YouTube. According to data from JustGo, between the dates April 20th 2014 and May 20th 2014 it was Joris Voorn’s SoundCloud that attracted the highest percent of new followers.

Joris Voorn's social following

Voorn’s SoundCloud saw a 5.2% rise in new followers for this period; a larger percent rise in new followers than any of the DJ’s other social media channels. The amount of new followers gained via SoundCloud was almost as many as new followers gained on Facebook – the total amount of new followers gained on Facebook was 6,402 whilst the total amount of new followers gained on SoundCloud was 6,341.

The posting of a new remix on SoundCloud had a drastic knock-on effect on most of Voorn’s other social media channels. The remix of Rina Mushonga’s “Eastern Highlands” was posted on May 5th 2014. Voorn tweeted about the remix, including a link to his SoundCloud, on the same date; May 5th was one of the dates that saw the largest rise in new followers on Twitter.



May 5th appears to coincide with the peak of Facebook engagement within the April 20th – May 20th period. Voorn made a Facebook post on May 5th that featured a link to the remix on SoundCloud which would have undoubtedly helped drive traffic to Voorn’s SoundCloud.

Interestingly, despite May 5th coinciding with the highpoint of Facebook engagement, the post featuring the SoundCloud link posted on May 5th received nowhere near as much engagement as a lot of other Facebook posts made within the aforementioned time period. A Facebook post made the same day received nine times the amount of engagement. The same content was posted on Twitter; a humorous image of three headphones and the type of people who used each headphone.



Not too surprisingly, it appears that funny picture-based posts tend to receive a lot more engagement on Voorn’s Facebook than any posts featuring links to new music. The second most popular post on Voorn’s Facebook between April 20th – May 20th was a re-tweeted image of Batman slapping singer Pharrell across the face. It received over 5000 likes, 93 comments and amassed 7,663 in terms of engagement. Voorn posted identical content on his Twitter.



Joris Voorn also keeps a fairly active YouTube account. Although Voorn posted only a couple of times between April 20th – May 20th, Voorn often posts on a more regular basis. The videos he did upload during this period received a good level of engagement. A video posted May 7th that showed Voorn demonstrating his drumming skills was played 2,342 times and received a total engagement figure of 2,446. In comparison, YouTube videos tend to receive significantly more engagement than the vast majority of Facebook posts but considerably less than humorous picture-based posts on Facebook.

The day after the drumming video was posted was also the date Voorn attracted the most new followers on YouTube.


However, even the largest total engagement figure from Facebook is nothing on the engagement figures from Voorn’s SoundCloud. Each track uploaded to SoundCloud receives tens and even hundreds of thousands of plays amongst thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Voorn uploaded two new tracks between April 20th – May 20th on SoundCloud and attracted 6,341 new fans on the music streaming site.


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