Lee Burridge’s Active Social Media Shows How To Capture New Fans



Building their social media profiles, independent DJs need to struggle with the magnetic brands to climb up fans’ newsfeeds.

Deep house DJ Lee Burridge is one such example of a public figure who uses social media actively. He cannot measure up to the magnitude of major music labels or mainstream artists who drive teenagers crazy but he seems to have what it takes to be successful on social media.

Elbowing their way up, small brands, celebrities which are not tremendously popular, local businesses and so on, have to be much more imaginative and ingenious in order to create a buzz about their content. However hard this might look, it brings much more valuable content for users than what big brands usually post. Instead of just promoting products and bragging about mind-blowing features, you will find that small-scale businesses and, say, underground artists, are much more down-to-earth and relate to people much more successfully.

Meet Lee Burridge’s Social Self

Lee Burridge is exactly this type of guy – a perfect example of excellent presence on social networks. For a little more than three years on Facebook and Twitter, Lee has shown that he knows how to keep his finger on the pulse of his fans. He doesn’t just speak about his next gigs and latest tracks. What he does instead is sharing values, beliefs, emotions and impressions. You might see anything from posts sparking off discussions about the way DJs should treat fans, to posts about funny experiences that took place in the wee hours of the night, or, as a typical Englishman – about the weather.

You see, this DJ is doing something pretty simple and very natural too – sharing his vision and ideas about life, music, fashion, travelling and what not, Lee is in fact building a strong and steady relationship with his fans and followers. People who like his page actually want to associate with his music, and commenting on his posts they relate to his style, values and concepts.

Best Post

There are several posts that received more than one per cent engagement rate, which is absolutely unbelievable for a 57K-strong Facebook page, the benchmark engagement for pages that big being 0.19 per cent. (http://www.michaelleander.me/blog/facebook-engagement-rate-benchmark/).

When the artist responds quickly to queries, post follow-up questions or even jokes, such posts are ideal for using the momentum and boost the engagement rate. Using listening tools such as Social Baker’s listening, not a question will be misses, so the effectiveness can grow exponentially.

More importantly, though, Lee’s engagement rate on Facebook is relatively constant and above the average, which speaks of a stable tone of conversation. I personally would love to join such a conversation. How about you?

Can It Get Any Better?

To gauge his success on Facebook, it’s crucial to have a closer look on the engagement rate. With some paid traffic to boost the organic viewing of the posts, Lee’s page will most probably increase its reach and attract new fans as a result. As he has already built a huge fanship, though, Lee’s team has to only work on how he relates to fans.

It’s a good idea to keep publishing compelling posts that inspire discussion as well as evoke pleasant emotions with his fans. Thought-provoking, educating, enlightening posts and photos, questions and quizzes as well as being fun, can also unleash a huge potential to increase the engagement on the page. The more people engage with his posts, the easier it will be for his message to travel among potential as well as loyal fans.

Here is a list of essential steps to enhance performance on social media:

  • Focus on posts that have a great relation to his fans. Try questions that mean to find out fans’ attitudes, tastes, expectations, predispositions, and why not birthdays?
  • Absolutely crucial: Check when his fans are active. Time his posts accordingly!
  • Find and recognize who his most loyal fans and influencers among them are and reward them in some way – with free passes to gigs, etc.
  • Publish content that fans will want to share – tracks and viral videos from events, photos that people want to associate with, and would be happy to publish on their walls for their friends to comment on.
  • Reach out to followers – find ways to develop and maintain relationships with his followers and fans. Try to designate most active fans and reward them. For example, retweeting twits by followers shows that he cares for his followers’ opinion and passions.
  • Reach out for new followers too. Try personal gestures of attentions, such as “A special greeting for this and that fan, whom I know loves this track!”
  • Think about paid promotion of his posts, especially when they should spread the word of a concert…
  • And finally, try newsjacking on Twitter.

As Twitter tends to be the social media of influencers (those who make us do something, purchase a product, follow a celebrity, and so on), I am pretty sure that Lee would benefit from expanding his presence on Twitter. For a start, start following more people and retweeting their posts. It is true, this is a painstaking process and it requires a lot of effort. But it is absolutely worth it as he can develop more intimate relations on Twitter, can enter into closer dialogue with fans, and build stronger relations. A great source of inspiration are the posts under the hashtag #LeeBurridge and those, however negligible their number is, under #LeeBuridge (well, hey, who’s perfect!) and follow their authors, especially if they have many followers.

While his performance on Soundcloud is relatively stable in terms of number of new followers and plays, with YouTube there is a great potential for development. Videos could well be optimised with more and diverse tags, relevant keywords (for example, his most popular mixes and tracks, keywords that people usually search for), more citations to URLs on Twitter and Facebook, and so on. I am sure Lee’s marketing team can think of ideas for viral videos on YouTube too!

Social Profile in a Nutshell

Lee Burridge is one of those DJs whose music and presence cannot go unnoticed by EDM fans. Sharing his views and ideas about life, the universe and everything, Lee finds the perfect way to relate to his fans outside the club. Rewarding those fans who actually visit his performances on festivals and other events, could create even more buzz about him and his work.

Tanya Stankeva

Tanya’s interest in electronic music grew back in 1997 out of her fascination with rap and hip-hop music. She was slightly influenced by the German electro DJs Westbam and Sven Väth but developed a much greater passion for the enigmatic ambient music of FSOL, Orbital and Aphex Twin. Enjoying street parades and house clubs as much as she does, Tanya equally relishes the pleasure of listening to Vivaldi, Mozart and Ravel.