How To Set Up And Use YouTube Ads To Promote Your Music

Increasingly, DJ’s are exploring different ways to increase their level of exposure. Learning how to set up and use YouTube ads is an excellent way to promote your music. According to digital marketing site Expanded Ramblings, YouTube has over one billion users. 20 percent of that number lives in the US. 19.1 million users live in the UK and 60 million in China. YouTube’s reach doesn’t end there. The most popular video website is available in 61 languages meaning that previously untapped audiences can access your music.

It gets better. The most popular channel on YouTube is the Music Channel with 82 million viewers. Additionally 50 per cent of teenagers consider YouTube to be their favourite website.

As if those statistics aren’t enough to sway you to set up and use YouTube ads, setting up an ad on YouTube only takes a couple of minutes. To get started you need to visit Google Adwords for Video

Step one: Select your video
The first step is to add the video you have already chosen to feature as your ad. You do this by adding the YouTube URL. As your YouTube ad may be the first thing that people see about you, use a short video that will leave a lasting impression.

youtube ad setup 1

Step two: Create your video ad
Next you need to add the ad headline, with the aim of grabbing the attention of your audience. This short bit of text appears next to the video thumbnail in your ads. You can write one headline with a maximum length of 25 characters, and you can write two lines of description text with 35 characters apiece.

youtube ad setup 2

At this stage you can also choose the video thumbnail, which will be the feature image on the cover of the video.

Finally select where you want to drive traffic. Enter either your website’s URL, or your YouTube channel.

Step three: Decide how much you are going to spend
At this stage, you can set the currency and daily budget for your ad. You can increase or decrease the budget at any time, although it is probably best to go along with the suggested budget that YouTube presents at the outset. After testing the waters, you can always increase your budget when you start seeing the results that you want.

youtube ad setup 3

Step four: Choose your target audience
Here you can select who you want to see your ad. This option allows you to choose the age, gender and interests of your potential audience. For example, a DJ may choose 18 – 24 and 25-34 year olds of all genders, interested in Arts and Entertainment. Based on those preferences, it is more likely that your add will be displayed to YouTube users which fit this description.

youtube ad setup 4

At this stage you are also prompted to provide keywords. DJ, Nightlife, or genre type would be ideal terms to use for DJ’s.

Once those details are entered, you are ready to unleash your ad to the masses.

Gareth Greenidge

Gareth Greenidge is a freelance writer, blogger and digital project manager living in London. Since encountering JustGo, he has enjoyed exploring the different branches of the industry and has a particular interest in how social sharing is evolving when it comes to music.