How Nicole Moudaber Gained 16,000 New Followers In One Month

Nicole Moudaber

Over the past month, Moudaber gained an impressive 16,000 new fans on Facebook. How did she do it? Her activity across social media channels holds the secret to her success

How did Nicole Moudaber manage to attract 16,000 new fans on Facebook in 30 days? The Nigerian-born Lebanese DJ has active Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Though it was her Facebook account that saw engagement increase substantially throughout May and June, did her activity on other social media channels have anything to do with the spike?

What Goes Around Comes Around

Moudaber joined Twitter in April of 2009. Since then, the DJ has racked up over 22,000 tweets, of which 350 contain photos or videos. Unlike a significant portion of the successful musicians and DJs on Twitter, Moudaber takes the time to follow others; she is following more than 10,700 today. Rather than approach the platform as a mechanical, one-way promotional tool, Moudaber replies to a large amount of fans, giving a community vibe and sincere feel to how she uses social.

Pictures and Videos Go Viral Picture and video-based posts on Moudaber’s Twitter account tend to be retweeted and favorited by fans more than plain text-based posts. Mid-June, a tweet consisting of an image of Moudaber DJing with text reading “#TBT @MusicOnOfficial last summer. Back for more at the incredible @amnesia_space tomorrow night !!” was favorited 18 times and retweeted three within a couple of days.

Another tweet on June 15th that included a picture of Moudaber hugging her dad alongside the text, “I miss you dad … :(“ was favorited 44 times and retweeted four times. This same content was posted on Moudaber’s Facebook where it received a hefty 2000 likes, over 50 comments, and 5 shares within a few days.

To put this into perspective, most of Moudaber’s text-based tweets get retweeted and favorited a handful of times. There appears to be a correlation between user engagement and picture and video-based posts on the DJ’s Twitter, which is to say the more image-based, the more popular. “In The Mood” For Radio? If you thought Moudaber was a prolific Tweeter, wait ‘til you see her YouTube account. Moudaber has a series of YouTube videos entitled “In The Mood Radio,” which get updated every week.

So far Moudaber has made seven “In The Mood Radio” videos, all uploaded to YouTube. Each is just under an hour long, clocking in at around 58 minutes. She makes sure to mention when each new episode is out via Facebook but only ever includes links to the audio of the episode (it is a radio show, after all). Like the aforementioned post that included a picture of Moudaber with her dad, these posts receive a lot of engagement. On June 4th, Moudaber took to Facebook to inform fans of the sixth episode of #In The Mood Radio, including a link to the audio. The post was liked over 1400 times and shared over 280 times.

A few days prior, Moudaber included a link to a YouTube video in one of her Facebook posts. The video was of a track played live. The Facebook post containing the link received over 1500 likes and over 200 shares.

Lessons from Moudaber

What can we learn from the frenzy of likes? Pic- and vid-based tweets get the most traction, and Facebook posts with pictures, audio, and YouTube links attract significantly more engagement for Moudaber. She’s creating new content for fans, new radio shows and live performances. All in all, a personal approach to her social creates a community eager to give back in a natural give and take. It’s no surprise that the content around her father was a hit when the messages combine the immediacy of the image with the sincere presence that fans appreciate.

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