How Luciano Increased His Social Following To Almost 2 Million


What can DJs learn from Luciano’s use of social media in order to build their social network rapidly?

Over the past month, the influential Swiss-Chilean DJ Luciano has grown his social media presence to over 1.27 million, an 11.16 percent increase helping boost Luciano’s online followers closer to the 2 million mark. We aggregated Luciano’s growth from his four social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube. In another round of DJ analysis, we take an in-depth look at Luciano’s online presence, and what his followers are engaging with most.

Luciano’s expansive DJ career began professionally when he was only 16. Since then, he has continuously crafted his image and welcomed a bevy of new collaborations. These team ups, which recently began to include cross-genre collaborations with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Pharrell, undoubtedly influence Luciano’s image, allowing him to extend his fanreach.

Facebook Rules

As it is one of the most dynamic social media platforms, Luciano’s largest online following comes via Facebook, accounting for over 1 million of his followers. Luciano’s Facebook followers increased 111,758 between April 27 and May 26, bringing his total site following to 1.1 million. On his Facebook page, Luciano provides links to all of his other accounts accept SoundCloud, where he still manages to retain a high amount of SoundCloud followers, nearly matching his Twitter following.

On all of his social media sites, most of Luciano’s posts are music related content. This approach works for him as he is, afterall, a DJ. Possibly due to the post’s rarity, there is still a remarkable amount of engagement with Luciano’s non-music related posts.

On May 22, Luciano posted a photo to his Facebook page of his new “royaum” shoes, and the post garnered 4,470 likes, the third highest popular post from all of Luciano’s four social media sites we took a look at from the month. This break from professional posts allows fans and followers a glimpse into the DJ’s life. Even if Luciano’s shoes are more expensive than his fan’s would be, it is reassuring to feel included on aspects of his personal life. As the photo was taken in the studio, the photo stays in line with Luciano’s musical context, allowing him to keep a consistency where fans can still differentiate him in their feed as the famous DJ, rather than just another friend showing off their new shoes.

Luciano again offers his followers a relief from music news via Facebook on May 14, in a 16 second video with his presumable youngest son, Eloyen Soléan. This short, relatively uneventful video accumulated 3,853 likes, most likely due to Luciano’s son’s cuteness.

Using Soundcloud Podcasts Can Get You Fans

Luciano is not selfish with his posts. Luciano is the co-founder of the record label, Cadenza, which he releases his own tracks and records on, along with other artist’s music as well. On Luciano’s SoundCloud (Cadenza), they host a “Source to Cycle” podcast, featuring two versions of mixes of other musician’s music—a “source” and a “cycle”—either from fellow local artists or artists on Cadenza’s label.

A “Source to Cycle” podcast from April 29, from the DJ Djazz garnered 7,171 plays alone for the “Cycle” mix, not including the “Souce” mix nor the likes, shares and comments for the entire podcast. This was the highest engagement Luciano summoned for our analytical period.

We see this successful SoundCloud again in another podcast from May 20, for the weekly “Source to Cycle” podcast, this time featuring Swiss DJ Eveline Fink. The “Cycle” portion of this two hour long podcast amassed 6,241 plays, and the full post links to Fink’s Facebook page, allowing more interested listeners a chance to further their intrigue.

Luciano’s featuring and interaction with other artists allows him to satisfy music fans with exactly what they came for—music. It is not only a good marketing move to hook fans with outside music, but it is also generous to gift fans with other music that Luciano himself is interested in. It keeps listeners coming back for more while they continue to hold Luciano in high esteem for his thoughtful sharing.

If You’re Bilingual, Use Language To Connect

Luciano’s multi-cultural background not only allows him to seamlessly tap into various international music circles, but he is also able to do so in both English and Spanish. Luciano’s bilingual approach is most apparent on his Facebook and Twitter. Although the majority of posts on each respective site are in English, Luciano’s Twitter provided industry updates in both languages, while his Facebook limits his Spanish to personal posts. While Luciano’s largest following is on Facebook, the social media site is ultimately more personal, and does offer a translation option for each post.

If there is anything to learn from Luciano, other than his complex and transfixing beats, it is to be versed and involved with the culture you promote. The more musicians you know, the more of their music you can post and interact with. And it is not only enough to work hard at digging through other’s music, it is most crucial to constantly create and promote your own. It also never hurts to be multilingual and multicultural, in a constant effort to change and evolve your style and approach; it is one of Luciano’s signature moves.

Niko Nelson

Niko Nelson is currently a MFA student in Los Angeles with an unrelenting devotion to music journalism of all genres. Although punk rock holds forever a place in her soul, she is passionate about the many subgenres of electronic music.