How House DJ Richy Ahmed Uses Social Media To Engage His Fans

Richy Ahmed

We look at how DJ Richy Ahmed uses Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud to promote and boost his career, what works best for him and how he could improve his social media presence

Richy Ahmed is a new generation DJ, who has quickly made a name for himself amongst the British house scene.

According to online music magazine Resident Advisor, which describes his music as a ‘uniquely individual sound that fuses the energy of house and disco, with infectious funk inspired grooves and a touch of sullen mystery’, the DJ has re-defined house music and is at the centre of a nu-skool explosion.

Described as a ‘hot natured resident’, Richy, who is a director of Hot Creations, is tipped as the one to watch by top DJs such as Jamie Jones and Clive Henry. The house DJ has earned this title having played at some of the world’s biggest parties including Glastonbury, We Love Space in Ibiza and Sonar in Barcelona, just to name a few.

This summer, Richy is one of two resident DJs at DC10’s weekly Paradise club night, one of Ibiza’s most successful parties. He is also playing at the club’s iconic Circo Loco party.

With his success it’s no surprise Richy has a loyal social media following with more than 92,0000 fans across his four accounts.

The DJ uses Facebook and Twitter to post pictures of gigs he’s played at, press cuttings, flag upcoming events, publicise his music or let his fans know what he’s up to.


Richy Ahmed’s Facebook page is the most popular of his social media pages, despite the content of this and his Twitter being very similar. This could be because he appeals to a younger audience who are typically more likely to engage with Facebook.

Richy has more than four times the number of likes on Facebook than he does followers on Twitter. At the time of writing the house DJ had 57,500 likes on Facebook, compared to 14.4k Twitter followers.

Justgo data shows that the number of likes the British DJ’s Facebook page has received has grown by six per cent in the last month.

The number of likes posts on Richy’s page receives vary between 500 to 1,000, while they are shared on average less than ten times and receive around 10 comments.

Statistics show that his fans are more likely to respond to photos posted on his page.

The DJ’s most popular post on 26 May, was a picture of the him on the terrace at DC10, which gained 1.4k likes and 36 comments.

Other posts that received the most engagement were pictures of Richy at the opening at Circo Loco this month (June) and a picture of Ibiza, captioned ‘Arrived in Ibiza’, which got 713 likes and 8 comments, as well as two humorous posts, which show off the DJ’s personality.


The British DJ has shared 1,048 tweets and 85 photos/videos on Twitter. Some of his tweets he also uses to embed Youtube clips. He tweets on a regular basis, more so than posting on Facebook.

Statistics show that, from May 2012 to June 2014 on JustGo show the DJ had 505 tweets re-tweeted at a total of 1,747 times.

Twitter engagement

Based on his tweets that were most re-tweeted, Richy’s most loyal Twitter followers appear to be based in the UK, in comparison to Facebook where he is more popular with the Ibiza crowd given that three of five of his most popular posts are pictures of the island’s club nights.

One of his most popular tweets was in March in which he flagged up his appearance at Sub Club in Glasgow-‘Coming at ya Glasgow! See yas all at @subclub.  #buzzing.’ It received 33 re-tweets and 50 users favourited it.

Another tweet, ‘Newcastle tomorrow at Loop, was wicked last year so excited for some midweek raving up North’, was re-tweeted 31 times.


Richy soundcloud

A total of 23 tracks, including Richy Ahmed’s mixes, re-mixes and his music produced for Hot Creation, feature on his Soundcloud page, which has 22,869 followers. His page also has 14 likes.

Tracks on the DJ’s page receive thousands of likes and reposts.

One of the most popular of Richy’s tracks on Soundcloud is Hot Creations’ The Drums, also featuring Kevin Knapp, which was play 261, 969 times, attracted 8,000 likes, 3,000 shares and 270 comments.

How Richy Could Improve His Engagement Via Social Media

While the British DJ successfully uses Facebook and Twitter to promote his events and is very visual with his posts using lots of photos and event banners, which some DJs struggle to do, he only shows glimpses of his personality.  If Richy were to increase his number of humorous posts on his social media accounts he would engage more fans.

Perhaps the British DJ could learn a thing from Dusky who are more outspoken with their Tweets.

Richy could also do with varying the content of his posts on Facebook and Twitter more as the social media accounts tend to attract different types of people, as well as increasing his posts on Facebook.

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