How Does Richie Hawtin’s Use Of Different Languages On Facebook Affect His Followers?

richie hawtin
Influential and innovative English-Canadian techno DJ Richie Hawtin is an artist who truly understands the significance of fan engagement via social media, and he offers his fans a unique and tailored experience. Instead of posting in one language, he chooses to recognize that he has fans from across the globe and he addresses them all equally. Posts in Italian, German, Japanese and Spanish to name a few, Hawtin’s Facebook page is a hive of activity, updates and languages.

Fans on Facebook matter, with a reach of hundreds of millions, this is truly the platform on which to best connect with your followers and Hawtins manages to invest enough time in his Facebook page to make his fans feel valued. He also posts frequently enough to ensure that he remains current, fresh and dominating the newsfeed, as well as balancing his content and making it more engaging with the use of images, videos and call to action links.

However, in recent weeks Hawtin’s Facebook page has shown a decrease in following rate and this could be because, in his attempt to engage with a wider audience, he has alienated the majority with a language barrier.

Facebook closely monitors every time a fan interacts with your page, to determine what content your fans like the most, in Hawtins case it appears the most “likeable” and “shareable” posts are those made in English.

Another possibility, and a more likely one, for the decreased rate of followers on Hawtin’s Facebook page could be attributed to the frequency of his posts within the last month. There were no posts made between January the 10th and February the 6th. Fans want to find timely content on a daily basis, which is why it is necessary for a Facebook page to be updated every couple of days at least or the result will be lower levels of engagement. Other arguments for Hawtin’s recent decline in new followers could be attributed to his precise and unchanged music style, as many believe that the founding father of Electronic Music is slowly becoming outdated. People say minimal is classic, but something classic isn’t always popular. Could he be one of a dying breed of artists pushing himself underground rather than selling out, staying true to his roots and loyal to his (potentially shrinking) fanbase as he matures?

Does he need to redefine himself in order to increase Facebook followers? Or is this besides the point and should he focus on making music that fulfils both him and his fans rather than following the latest fads in the music world just to garner popularity.

Cailyn Cox

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