How Catz ‘N Dogz Built Their Soundcloud Following To 66,000 Fans


House DJs Catz ‘N Dogz built their Soundcloud following by 2,236 in the 30 days ending June 9 – how can you, too, earn this sort of boost?

Catz ‘N Dogz, Tech House producers and DJs from Poland, have a glass-raising social following: more than 136 thousand likes on their Facebook page, alongside 66,404 followers on SoundCloud  and more than 35,000 on Twitter. So, what are the duo and its social team doing to use social media and EDM events to their advantage?

Super-charged Facebook Content

Around 7-9 June, Catz ‘N Dogz’s Soundcloud activity spiked, with just under three thousand new plays on 9 June and a hundred new followers on 7 June – these increases coincide with the pair’s performance at Parklife Festival at the time. As Chris Liebing taught us, doing a great live performance will provide far more followers if you capitalise upon it through your social media.

This is one of Catz ‘N Dogz’s most effective pieces of Facebook content, 273 shares is good work, especially considering that fans were also effectively sharing it by posting their friends’ names in the comments.

As Francisco Rosales explained on, video is the second most shareable type of content, possibly having still more impact among an audience of people who enjoy live performance. As such, a punchy piece of live action was a perfect choice. Remembering to use #parklife meant that their content appeared amongst the other social action that accompanied the festival.

There’s nothing like a frank message, also. Fans do not respect sophistry, if you had a great set at an event, say so and the fans might share, especially if they were there.

All this engagement will likely have driven more interested people to their SoundCloud account. Having the SoundCloud app embedded in their Facebook profile would have been a great asset, also, meaning that people can access their sounds and follow them from the moment that they visit the Catz N’ Dogz profile.

Maintaining An Artist Network

As as DJ it is important to remember that other DJs and producers can be colleagues as well as competitors. Around 29 March-2 June, Catz ‘N Dogz’s SoundCloud activity experienced another spike – this may have been because Kim Ann Foxman (63,069 followers) released a remix of ‘Let Me Be The One’ by Catz ‘N Dogz, putting the pair’s material before her Soundcloud followers – potential Catz ‘N Dogz followers.

This emphasizes the benefits of making some of your music available for remix and thus helping you to create a relationship with other artists through which you can both benefit. Though actually getting someone to remix your track, short of simply asking them to do so, is not as simple as posting a status.

The best you can do so is to throw a few coins in their hat when they do, which is exactly what Catz ‘N Dogz did by sharing the new track when Foxman posted it. This shows other users that Catz ‘N Dogz appreciate the remix and will put their followers in touch with you if you create one, incentivising other producers to channel followers to you through their own remixes.

Embrace User-Generated Content

It makes a great deal of sense to recognise and share fan-created content, like pictures, which is especially true for those edgy amateur shots taken of your DJ sets. On May 12 our DJs’ SoundCloud following took another spike, this was definitely helped by a great user-generated image that Catz ‘N Dogz regramed.

The image got 224 likes, and would have channelled more attention to their SoundCloud account, probably from people looking for the music that powered such an evening. Regraming this image does not just mean that Catz ‘N Dogz were able to use it to pull in traffic, but will also motivate others to produce such content, meaning even more for the pair to use.

Catz ‘N Dogz have just under 10 thousand followers on Instagram – not really a match for their other networks. Nonetheless, services like Instagram should increase in relevance in this image-dominated age, especially in that Instagram links auto-expand in Twitter, enticing more engagement.

In many ways, the best social media marketing is a tight counterpart of the work that you do as a DJ offline. By producing great music and performing powerful shows, Catz ‘N Dogz provide the material for others to make shareable and attractive content, so that they can then use it to boost their online following. This, alongside savvy and timely posting, seem to be their formula for gaining new SoundCloud followers.

Oliver Cox

Oliver Meredith Cox is a freelance writer from Liverpool, UK. He focusses on music, politics, sci/tech, and business, among other topics. In his spare time he makes music of his own in an electronic and rock style, which can be found on his Soundcloud page.