How A Soundcloud/Twitter Acquisition Will Affect You

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What impact would a merger between Twitter and Soundcloud have on the electronic dance music industry?

Increased affordability and accessibility to technology has allowed music enthusiasts to create their own art and has made the Electronic scene what it is today. The Internet powered the careers of local dance DJ’s forcing the mainstream pop stars to change their tune or lose the support of our generation.

Soundcloud is a leading music platform, allowing musicians from all over the world to upload, record, promote and share their music. The platform was founded in Berlin, Germany and has become a community for emerging artists and a database of music waiting to be discovered.

Recently, Soundcloud announced it had 250 million active users, so it was only a matter of time before one of the revolutionary social platforms tried to take it over.

Facebook and Microsoft have both partnered with leading tech services to compete in the market and stay ahead of the game and although some are skeptical about the collaboration of these parties, the smaller partners have received exposure and we could argue they wouldn’t have been as big if it wasn’t for the merger.

Although neither Soundcloud nor Twitter have announced the two companies will be joining up, Twitter said in March it was looking for new ways to bring music to the masses. Its Twitter Music offering didn’t seem to get the traction the company wanted, so maybe joining forces with Soundcloud could be the answer?


So what could the next hook up on the horizon be and how would it affect us? What if Twitter and Soundcloud became one? How would the Soundcloud community respond to the change and would Twitter make or break the music platform?

Soundcloud is a phenomenal platform for the music community. It’s a place where people can share their work with one another and those who are more music savvy can navigate the platform efficiently. There is a real sense of exclusivity for music lovers with Soundcloud and communities of followers soon get behind popular artists.

So we have a community that is passionate about its music, knows what it likes and is creative in its art. But how does it spread its word?

Twitter continues to develop as a platform with more people migrating to it for a stronger social connection.

Reports suggest that people use Twitter as an up-to-date news feed source, where they can find their favourite DJ’s next gig for example. Data collected suggests there are 9,100 tweets every second meaning it only takes five days to reach the billion mark. People connect across the globe through tweets or hashtags because of a common passion.

In An Alternative Universe

If we had to merge the two communities, what would this mean for EDM? Electronic dance music can be perceived as underground and at times an exclusive genre of music. Someone who’s trying to find their dance feet in the scene could be lost on where to start, so where would they go outside their comfort zone to hear more? Who should they listen to for recommendations?

Surely if we could share the music on Soundcloud through Twitter, a credible source for the younger generation, we would see the next big boom of dance music since the 90’s. Twitter is not short of influential users to say the least, though there is an even larger audience of people looking for someone to lead them.

A universal sign in would open up both platforms, allowing Soundcloud users to discover Twitter and vice versa. This would also make it a lot easier to share content across the two platforms.

Artists would easily grow a larger fan base, share their latest tracks and showcase their talents to the music industry and across the web. Once followers begin sharing a tune, whether on Twitter, Soundcloud or a combined platform, artists will be able to reach people they would never have expected to and grow an audience overnight. They will connect with people across the globe that they have never met but all through the passion of music.

Another possibility with the two social services merging is the opportunity to have completely up to date trending terms, charts and these could be localised to either a Twitter community or Soundcloud location.

Some may be critical that a collaboration with Twitter may strip Soundcloud of its originality, however there is a very strong possibility that it will help users embrace the talent and music the library holds, creating interactive communities and enhanced publicity for emerging artists.

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