How Claude VonStroke Encodes Fan Engagement To Specific Audiences

Keisuke Shingu/Flickr

Keisuke Shingu/Flickr

Claude VonStroke is not just a great American house DJ and producer, he is also skilled when it comes to social media. VonStroke has gained a legion of loyal fans through interesting Instagram pictures and personal updates on Facebook and Twitter. His trick is to be natural yet tactfully divisive, so that specific groups of fans, from recent events or similar lifestyles, respond.

Claude VonStroke, aka Barclay Crenshaw, is an American house DJ/producer who grew up in Detroit and is now based in San Francisco. His Facebook page has nearly 200,000 likes and he has 80,000 Twitter, 3,300 Soundcloud and 11,500 Instagram followers: he is a man with a social media plan.

Be Irreverent, Yet Authentic

According to JustGo’s social sharing stats, VonStroke has been gaining an average of forty new Twitter followers per day from May 21 to June 19, but on June 1 the tweet above led to a massive spike in fan engagement. It garnered 169 favorites and 41 retweets, and helped to push his follower count up by 80 for the day.

He can attribute his sharing success to the “it’s funny because it’s true” brand of humor and from framing the situation in an emotive context such as ‘Man Vs World.’ The contrast of Marathon runners gathering and getting organized at breakfast incites a slightly rebellious mentality of “Us Vs Them” too, which is actually life affirming for those who identify with ‘Us.’ Many of his fans spread the love probably because his observation resonated with their own experience of returning home after a long night out.

Offer Previews of Your Work to Fans

With nearly 900 likes and 85 shares, this video of him at Movement Detroit, playing the yet-to-be-released track, “Eye-I-Eye,” which clearly grabbed his fans’ attention.

Keep One-Way Conversations to a Minimum

Again this tweet shows VonStroke’s sense of humor and also a natural ability to appeal to people who might share his experience. As any Buzzfeed post will show you, Nostalgia is extremely shareable! In this case, everyone remembers having an old slow computer and the torturous loading times that come with one. VonStroke’s simple observation provides a few minor details about his life, (namely, that he still works off a 7 year old computer and in what mindset he is in when using social media), but also implicitly invites his fans to “raise your hand if you’ve got a slow computer,” which is automatically engaging. It constitutes a refreshing change from speaking about next gigs and latest tracks – as many musicians tend to do.

Share Your Friends’ Status

VonStroke shared a post from “What the Festival’s” page, which received 199 likes. This is a great tactic for showing support for friends and other organizations as it helps attract new audiences for them and for you.

Announcement posts are necessary, but try not keep them to a minimum as they are often not very engaging. In this case, there were only six comments, which makes sense as the post’s intention was to inform fans rather than engage them in conversation, but arguably to many of these posts could lead you to become disconnected from your fans.

Embrace Instagram

Following the Dirtybird Pool Party on June 22, he posted this picture on Instagram which gained 352 likes and 19 comments. It’s great because it is literally a picture of a dirty bird, about to be washed, or take a bath in the sink. It functions as a sort of coded message, or secret, between his fans and himself, which helps to breed a sense of relatedness and familiarity between them. It is highly likely, that those fans who ‘liked’ the photo, also attended the event.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Instagram is his fastest growing social media platform, with a growth of nearly 9% over the last 30 days.

Fan Appreciation

Of course, there is always room for improvement and VonStroke could do more by cross promoting on all of his social media platforms as well as recognizing loyal fans and making a point of rewarding and thanking them.

VonStroke engages well with his fans in the comments section of Instagram and Facebook posts, but it is unclear whether he engages fans on Twitter, unless he is doing so privately (TIP: Don’t start a tweet with “@” unless you intend it to be only visible to followers of both parties in the conversation).

A simple thank you comment can suffice, but offering them free tracks, merchandise or even event passes would be a nice touch. Remember that loyal fans generate a lot of positive word-of-mouth and this can greatly improve your exposure.

It’s also important to know your target market, and publish posts that will interest them. In the realm of social media, images really do speak a thousand words and are often the most shareable. Be sure to create attractive image-based posts, and the odd video will not go unnoticed.

Fans want to feel valued, so why not make 100 percent sure that they do. A comment, retweet, or “like” takes only a few seconds of your time, but it can truly show you appreciate your fans and are grateful for their continued support.

Cailyn Cox

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