What is Dancefair 2014?

This year, organisers of the third annual Dancefair are expecting up to 5000 attendees in Utrecht, The Netherlands on February 15 and 16. Dancefair is the perfect event for fans, equipment manufacturers, audio engineers, DJ’s, producers and anyone else who has a passion for electronic music to network with like minded people and take advantage of the wide range of offerings available at the show. [Read more…]

What is Beats Music And Is It Worth Signing Up To?

Beats Music
After months of speculation and anticipation, Beats Music will finally launch today to a hotbed of media furore. The premium music streaming service, devised by the creators of Beats headphones, including music producer Jimmy Iovine and rapper Dr Dre, will make its debut to a multitude of spectators who eagerly await seeing if the team can do for this market, as it did for the meagre headphone and catapult it into the latest craze for the modern music consumer.
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Why Deezer is the Music Streaming Service to Watch

When we think of music streaming services, one name instantly springs to mind: Spotify. The pioneering platform changed the way that internet users listened to music forever. At first the Swedish firm allowed its users to stream millions of tracks for free before monetising their model, with the result of the company being worth close to $5.3 billion today.
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How EDM DJs Can Avoid Hitting A Wall: Grow Your Young Fans

Like with many successful things, naysayers are always willing to say it is a fad, will hit a wall or the bubble will burst soon. EDM is no different. The large growth in its popularity over the past 3-5 years (depending on who you talk to) has brought out the daggers of jealousy.

One of the more controversial articles about the fast-approaching demise of EDM was Scott Wilson’s piece on TheQuietUs. Using the Atari video games of the 1980’s as his comparison, Wilson goes off on a tangent of over promotion and corporate sell outs to support his argument.
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