These 10 DJs Will Have You Excited In The First Five Minutes of Liking

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When you consider the savvy PR moves from the previous year, one of the most note-worthy was the creation of the Top 100 DJ list from JustGo, which was based on a number of different and elaborated social media figures. Some of the considerations that went into the creation of this list included the popularity of particular DJs on Google, the growth of their fan base and the rates of piracy for their work.

However, taking a look at the top 100 DJs you may wonder how catchy their posts, shares and content really is. The following will take a look at the top 10 DJs that will illicit an immediate Like and keep you hooked and engaged.
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How Does Dillon Francis Use Soundcloud?

With 1,883,347 followers and rising, there is no question that Dillon Francis is doing something right on Soundcloud.

Dillon Francis, a well-known electronic music producer and DJ has recently broken through the throng of hopefuls by offering a wide array of world class releases and remixes and has caught the attention of some of the higher-ups in club land, such as Will I. Am, Diplo and Drop the Lime. So what’s his secret to this success? A large deal of his success is thanks to social media and sharing sites such as Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.
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How Tenishia Won Facebook

On December 18, 2013, Tenishia, well known artist and DJ, uploaded an “end of the year mix” for his fans and followers. This collection was completely free to anyone that followed or Liked him on various social media channels. This one move created a snowball effect with one like and share turning into more, and more and more – until the post went viral, winning over Facebook in the realm of DJs and music.
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How Your Social Fans May Not Always Get Their Facts Straight

When it comes to the music industry you can’t go anywhere without hearing the phrase “fan engagement.” While the majority of musicians and DJs have already made some effort to connect with their fans and listeners in a way that is beyond the actual work they produce, social media has provided a way for DJs to reach out in manners that were not available before. Services such as Facebook and Twitter have created a platform that can be used to maintain their fan relationship across the globe, which was not even imaginable a mere decade ago.
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How Can DJs Use Content Marketing to Gain Fans?

The basic idea behind content marketing is to create useful, entertaining and original information and then use your social media networks to share it and attract fans that you may otherwise have never reached. One of the most appealing aspects of this method for DJs is the fact that this content can cost little to nothing to create and promote – to an extent. The fact is that you have to know what will appeal to people. Simply writing nonsense and sharing it will not attract anyone and likely help you lose any current fans that you may have acquired. [Read more…]

How To Get Set Up On Twitter And Attract Fans

Paul Oakenfold's Headphone Beard
When you are working as a DJ a large amount of your time will be spent interacting with various event promoters who are the most likely people to be booking your future events, as well as your actual audience. The best way for you to reach these people is by being present on social media networks, especially Twitter.
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