Taking A Look At Dixon’s Use Of Facebook & SoundCloud

While Dixon’s Facebook posts regularly yield high increases in fans, his activity on SoundCloud falters. We explore how he could improve his numbers.

Dixon has a variety of titles under his belt. He’s produces, DJs, and owns his own record label. He even owns a bakery in Berlin. This Renaissance man has enjoyed increasing popularity over the past few years, owing to his simple but melodious sound. His crowd-pleasing songs sound both sharp and minimalist, making them intrinsically shareable.
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What Caused Hardwell’s Sudden Decrease in Views?

About once a week, Dutch DJ, Hardwell, posts a new episode of his podcast, Hardwell on Air, to his YouTube channel. On the show’s Facebook page, he describes the show as evocative of that “trendsetting and original Hardwell sound.” Many of the episodes receive upwards of 300,000 listens. They feature an hour of club-ready pop and electronic tunes by both Hardwell and other musicians. Often, they even contain demos by up-and-coming DJs. Undoubtedly, the show’s a crowd-pleaser.
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